These Motorhomes Combine Modern Luxuries With 1950s Design

Thumbing their noses at years of aerodynamic innovation and design, Marchi Mobile's new line of luxury motor coaches feature a cab that looks like it was pried off the front of an auto show concept vehicle that debuted 50 years ago.

Their purposely misspelt eleMMent line, playing up the company's double-M namesake, is the latest high-end luxury coach to include amenities that no one really needs in a roadworthy vehicle. But would probably love to have given an unlimited pocketbook. Available in various configurations allowing them to be used for personal travel, commuting or as roaming promotional vehicles, the 12m long coaches manage to expand to a liveable 40sqm of space when parked. Including a master bedroom spacious enough to house a 40-inch flatscreen TV and a pop-up sky lounge rooftop patio.

Since they're designed for consumers who probably aren't that concerned with their price tag, the eleMMent coaches can be configured with everything from mobile internet, a working fireplace recommended for use only when parked, streaming video surveillance, heated flooring, a rainfall shower and satellite TV. It's all powered by a 500hp+ engine, and contrary to my critiques, that unique design will apparently reduce fuel consumption by up to 20 per cent. When compared to a similarly sized monstrosity of course.

But my favourite option has to be the customised glowing paint job that assures fellow nighttime motorists you have more money than you know what to do with. Now exact pricing is still to be determined, since the eleMMent coaches will only be built on a per-order basis. But renderings aside, it seems like Marchi Mobile has every intention of actually putting these into (very limited) production. [Marchi Mobile via]

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