These Google Designed Nikes Are Proof That Google Has No Taste

The Nike Air Mags, though not the prettiest shoe, represent a sort of nostalgic geek beauty. These Google-designed Nike Dunks though? Just plain fugly. Even the geekiest, worst-dressed Googler would never be caught dead in these.

Sure, I get that it's a complete gag gift of a shoe but still! Larry freaking Page's mug is on the tongue for god's sake! They use the old hilarious Google logo complete with the exclamation point. And is that Google Maps underneath the Swoosh? Just what the hell is going on here.

According to SneakerFiles, the sneakers were designed by Evan Steinberg, Google Community Manager for Android and signed by Larry Page. Are we sure it wasn't Steinberg's niece or nephew who made these? Google, you were looking really nice just a few months ago, don't fall back into the dark ages! You've come so far. [Evan Steinberg+ via SneakerFiles]

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