These Brand New Portable Speakers Look Broken

The speaker cones on a brand new set of speakers -- even cheap ones like these -- shouldn't look like that. Nope that's definitely wrong. I hope it's fixable. Someone at Brando Workshop is going to get fired.

These little USB speakers come with suction cups on the back so that you can stick them to your tablet. It looks like those suction cups weren't working very well and the product photographer smashed down on the speakers to get them to stick -- popping the speaker cones in. Bad design. I mean, I don't think that's some crazy speaker technology I've never seen before. Not for $US15. Looks like plastic. I know these are supposed to be cheap, but take a little pride in your work! At least pretend they don't suck. [Brando Workshop Ubergizmo]


    The dust caps have been squashed. It shouldn't affect the sound, but it looks ugly and I wouldn't be happy. All the dust caps are there for is to keep dust (duh) and crap out of the voice coil.

    It shouldn't effect sound... At least, who cares if it effects it a tiny bit, they're not good enough for anyone to notice, they're $15... You'd be suprised, but I find the dust cap is pushed in quite often on speakers inside your TV. Panasonic, LG, Samsung. They all do it, and noone ever complains about the quality (Except for one series of LG LCD, it's hard to explain that you couldn't expect much more out of a speaker cabinet with 11mm of space...)

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