The Zune Player Is Dead

Looks like the Zune player's Samuel-Clemens-greatly-exaggerated demise yesterday was, well, not so greatly exaggerated. The new official word from Microsoft is that it will "no longer be producing Zune players".

After prematurely yanking the Zune HD off the Zune website yesterday, Microsoft had originally claimed it was a publishing error. Nope. This is the end of the road for the hardware end of the Zune line, though the official post notes that they'll continue to honour warranties and provide customer service for recently-purchased Zunes or, god help you, to anyone who buys one going forward.

The future of Zune will be Windows Phone now, and it's a pretty pleasant-looking one to be honest. Well Windows Phone and an admittedly hobbled Zune Music Pass. But for now, lament the loss of the little music player that never quite got a fair shake. [Zune via WinRumors via Techmeme]

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    That's great if you only use your Zune when you are out and about but I use mine at home as my primary means of listening to music, something no phone is going to be suitable for. Moreover, no other PMP is able to give more than a tiny fraction of the Zune experience, which is the closest I've ever seen to the real-world experience of collecting records and CDs. Hell, I haven't even found any computer software application that can match the wholisitic experience that Zune has nailed so perfectly.

    Why is it that big companies have no idea how good their products are? Time and again we see best of breed products killed off because of failed marketing. If Zune wasn't a success it was because MS failed to sell it properly. In any side-by-side comparison it easily comes out on top (apps are a distraction, not part of what a PMP is).

    Oh well, when/if my Zune HD dies on me, I suppose I will have to pull my 1000 CDs out of the garage and find somewhere to keep them at home.

    If they want it to live on in win phone 7 why not just disable the phone functions, slap it on some new hardware and sell it as zune infinite. like the ipod touch is just a iPhone with disabled features

    This saddens me :(
    They are (were?) great devices.
    I loved my Zune80 until gravity made it fall to the floor & it died.

      And even the software was great to use!

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