The Top 10 Most Pirated Movies Of All Time

TorrentFreak recently published a list of the most pirated movies over BitTorrent of all time and apparently, what we watch in theatres is what we like to pirate off the internet. All of the most popular movies have been illegally downloaded a gazillion times.

Here's the list, which dates back to early 2006:

1. Avatar (21 million downloads) 2. The Dark Knight (19 million downloads) 3. Transformers (19 million downloads) 4. Inception (18 million downloads) 5. The Hangover (17 million downloads) 6. Star Trek (16 million downloads) 7. Kick-Ass (15 million downloads) 8. The Departed (14 million downloads) 9. The Incredible Hulk (14 million downloads) 10. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (14 million downloads)

Any surprises? Kick-Ass obviously doesn't hold a candle to the rest of the movies in terms of Blockbuster power, so there's one. The Incredible Hulk being a top 10 pirated movie surprises me since they had another Hulk that everyone pretended didn't exist. Other than that though, the formula is quite simple: sci-fi comic book gun movies starring Leonardo DiCaprio. [TorrentFreak]



    Except for Dark Knight & Star Trek everyone of those films sucked. Inception (see South Park's review of it). Pirates, within 30 minutes I had fallen asleep (good thing I didn't pay for that lump of shit). Kick-ass should have been called "trying to hard".

    I often download films just to vet them and without a doubt "pirating" has saved me thousands of dollars on products that failed to do what was promised and that was entertain me.

      I have seen many movies on computers that I had previously seen at the movies. I usually find that the atmosphere at the cinema is better than my set up at home; better sound, larger screen, better seats (hopefully).
      Maybe your problem is that you just aren't watching the movies the way they were intended to be seen.
      Have you tried many of these pirated films at the cinema before watching them at home? Could be an easy solution.

        Seriously, the cinema is the last place I'd watch movies these days. Admittedly a PC monitor does suck though, I just transfer it to the TV..

        i dont have annoying kids, sticky seats, other noises or things i dont like at my house. At the cinema i do.


        so yea, cinema sucks, i only go to Gold Class with my girl for good movies like HP, Transformers, pirates etc. Ill pay for that but not stuff like the Hulk.

          man, you should go to the Astor in chapel st. no kids, great atmosphere and cheaper than your standard cinema's.

          Wowsers - sticky seats? What the hell cinemas do you go to?

          I run into problems with annoying audiences... one in 20 times? You sound like you're pretty unlucky.

        I've got a great set-up on my main comp for entertainment- big screen Samsung TV as the main monitor, surround sound, wonderfully comfy chair...
        I don't pirate stuff though, it's too much bother.
        But I find it just as good as a cinema for decent DVDs and it's great to have something playing while I work away doing graphic design stuff on my cintiq.

      That last Star Trek Movie was a bloody shambles! They cut it to pieces and completely ruined the story! Plus there's no way they would build a bloody Star Ship on the ground. Completely ruined the genre for me.

        Sir, you are needed back on the bridge. Commander Riker just got hailed by a ship identified as the "Normandy Two".

      All I hear is pathetic excuses as to why you steal.

      How many films have you downloaded "just to vet them" that you've also ended up paying to see in a cinema?

      Except for Dark Knight & Star Trek everyone of those films sucked

      Films on that list that apparently suck: Inception, The Departed, Kick Ass. Wow. Possibly Martin Scorsese's finest since Goodfellas 'sucks.' And Inception sucks for no other reason than it's edgy to be contrarian and South Park made a parody of it.

      How about you stop trying to be an internet blowhard? No-one else's views should affect your own. There's no imaginary popularity scale out there, whereby once it's crossed you'll call it quits because it's too maintream.

      "I often download films just to vet them and without a doubt “pirating” has saved me thousands of dollars on products that failed to do what was promised and that was entertain me."

      This is incredibly stupid and selfish. This is like going to a restaurant, eating the whole plate and calling for a refund because it sucked. Indie films like Kick Ass don't get made very often because their subject matter is often considered offensive or simply non-four quadrant films. Glad to know there are people out there who'd skimp a few bucks, or in your case a few thousand.

    Yet all those films brought in how much at the box offices? Yep, pirating has really killed the movie industry. Oh cry us a river you suit knobs.


      thats pretty much a copy/paste of the most profitable movies for the last few years lol

      So that makes pirating perfectly acceptable I take it?

      Take that, evil giant corporations. Keep fighting the good fight from your armchair, sir!

    @chugs, you need hugs. I'd love to see what you would pay for and think of as quality, 'cos you will find an equal number of people with opinions as negative as yours about your favourite.

    Speaking as a long time comic book reader and sci-fi movie/tv fan, if you aren't some critical "anyone can do anything better" guy, most of these had entertainment value.

    Oscar winning story potential is never going to happen here, so why get uptight about it?

    I go into every film possible with an open mind prepared to be entertained. Suspension of disbelief ain't just for "The Kings Speech" fans.

    The fact that action/adventure films are the only ones I think are worth seeing at the cinema means I have seen nearly all of these on a big screen. The fact I have downloaded nearly all of these as well would make me qualified for a snap review of each :)

    Avatar was a visual spectacular, and if you hadn't seen Pocahontas as a kid the story may have seemed fresh.

    The Dark Knight was great, just because of the lack of Tumbler and being all Gotham.

    Transformers was pure enjoyment from beginning to end. Tell me you didn't enjoy the scene where Sam buys his first car.

    Inception was a weird adventure slide that would have been great in 3D at iMax, but was still awesome at the theatre and at home on the plasma.

    The Hangover was a critical success as well as being a great "road-trip" movie.

    Star Trek was loved by all who watched it who don't sit at home with Spock ears on and their phaser in their hand. I mean, really what do you want from a rebooted Star Trek that you didn't get here?

    Kick-ass was a really great comic that was translated pretty directly in both tone and story to the big screen and was successful because of that consistency. Wait for Kick-ass II - if you've read the comic, you know what I mean.

    I haven't seen The Departed, but now I want to!

    The Incredible Hulk was by far superior to The Hulk, especially with acting choices. Mr Norton, please do another.

    And PotC:AWE was a fun stupid romp, the same as all the others.

    The fact that you download these to watch (probably in poor quality) actually gives you less of a voice I think.

    Most of these I was lucky enough to see at the cinema, so I got to view them as the directors intended before downloading them to watch at pleasure before, in some cases, buying the Blu-Ray to enjoy.

    Spewing I missed Cowboys and Aliens at the cinema now that I have seen a bootleg, cant wait for the Blu-Ray. could you not have seen the Departed?

      I loved that movie.

        The asian original was better... And I don't even think that it was much chop... Bit over-rated that one.

          I knew someone would mention this. Coming from someone who saw the Asian original before the adaptation, I'd go with the American one. Jack Nicholson was far better than his counterpart. The direction was smoother, script was polished perfectly to Western sensibilities, and it didn't have any of the Asian boy-toy sketchy acting.

          But hey... FOREIGN = BETTER right?

    So if everyone that pirated Avatar bought the DVD instead, it should have made another $400 million-ish?

    If I were the type of person to pirate, it would be for that huge gap in between the cinema close off date and the (acceptably priced) dvd release of which I would buy the legal copy of the dvd or bluray.....if I were that type of person that's what I'd do.

    "Hulk" (2003) FTW!!

    Although Ruffalo makes a great Bruce Banner, Bana was still better ^__^

      Do you mean Norton, not Ruffalo?

        Ruffalo is The Hulk in The Avengers

          I know, but unless he is Joss Whedon, how would he know how good Ruffalo is?

      Bana was a great Banner! I love that movie. The Incredible Hulk, however, was garbage.

      Nick Nolte's performance in Hulk was outstanding. He's probably my favourite Marvel movie villain. I never understood why no one liked Hulk....

    I downloaded 5 from that list - then bought the Blu-ray's because I liked them!

    I am a prolific torrenter and out of that list, I only downloaded two. The rest I went and saw at the cinema (apart from Pirates which I don't care about).

    The Dark Knight and Inception i can understand. But the rest? Oh boy, that is just horrible

    Studios just need to accept torrents etc as the marketing tool they are and stop wasting money on anti-pirating ads. As stated, these are 10 of the biggest grossing movies of all time. FWIW, I have access to pirate versions of all of these but saw 8 at the movies and have Avatar on BluRay

      Warner Bros (I think it's WB anyway.. I was on the Harry Potter site looking for release dates), have digital downloads you can buy these days.. so that's definitely a move in the right direction. One of the things I hate about DVDs/Blurays is that I need to have the physical disc in my computer/ps3.. and all the fussing around to keep it in good condition etc etc

        I am kinda curious how you treat your discs if it is a fuss to keep them in good condition?

          Well my point is that you need to take it out of the machine, put it in a case, store the case and then grab the next case, open the case, put it in the machine, wait for it to load, watch through all the annoying anti-piracy warnings, watch through all the annoying publisher advertisements or publisher motifs and then go through the DVD menu to get to the movie.

          On the other hand, with a digital movie, you just double click the file and it's playing almost immediately. :)

            Oh and of course you can queue up multiple videos or TV episodes when you are watching them from your computer/media-player. For example, I own the entire collection of X-Files on DVD (same with SG-1, which is even bigger of a collection). Can you imagine trying to watch my 'favourite' episodes, which span multiple discs across multiple seasons, without digital downloads?.. Absolutely annoying.

    The only one of those films I've seen or indeed ever Wanted to see was Kick Ass (not pirated). As far as I know that was just a big a blockbuster as the rest of those mentioned.

    There's definitely a few there that are in the category of: The movie itself is poor enough that I can't justify paying actual money to see but because I am a fan of the concept/series/trademark I just have to see it.

    I also feel the need to add my 2c about the list of movies...

    I'd like to know where those stats come from.

    Surely I can't be the only one waiting for somebody to jump out and shout:


    Beep Beep Boop. ID: 42272OCk

    Last edited 16/08/14 8:38 pm

    My process is usually see it at the movies, pirate it while waiting for the Au Bluray release, then buy the bluray disc.

    So that's pay twice and steal once, that's okay right?

    Certainly shoots big holes in anti pirating arguements when the most commonly downloaded movies are among the biggest grossing films of all time.

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