The Toilet Bike Neo Is Indeed A Poo-Powered Motorbike

The Toilet Bike Neo Is Indeed A Poo-Powered Motorbike

This sewage-fuelled contraption is all thanks to Japanese toilet manufacturer TOTO. In just a few days, this motorcycle, and its unfortunate rider, will make a trip across the lower part of Japan, starting in Tokyo and ending on the southern-most island of Kyushu. Why would anyone do this?

I’m glad you asked! TOTO will use the the curious endeavour to draw attention to its own “Green Challenge”; the company’s attempt to reduce it’s greenhouse emissions by 50 per cent. The bike will make stops at key locations to engage with media.

The Toilet Bike Neo does more than just produce biogas from the rider’s contributions — it can play music and chat with you. Great, as long as you’re not a nervous pooer.

My question is… can you ride and refuel at the same time? That would be an obviously benefit, right? As long as it didn’t make your on-road neighbours extremely uncomfortable.

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