Tribute Video To Steve Jobs

Rather than writing his obituary, I thought it would be better to pay tribute to Steve Jobs by stealing one of his ideas. That's why I made this last Think Different video, in memoriam.

More: Gizmodo's Steve Jobs Obituary. We’re going to miss him.

I'm sure he would have hated it, but whatever. You're dead now, Steve, you crazy round peg in the square hole, you handsome bastard, you insufferable and unrepeatable genius you. Deal with it, because now the world will suck a bit more without your love for perfection, your hyperbolic obsession with magical devices, your insanely great ideas and booms and one more things.

Fanboys and haters, friends and foes -- especially your foes, who now will not be able to copy your ideas anymore -- will miss you dearly.

I know I will.



    Can I just pre-emptively say, people on Gizmodo who aren't going to want to see a whole lot of Steve Jobs related posts...

    Deal with it. It'll be a few days, then you'll never see any more. So just chill.

      +1 The same would/should be done for any person who was this big a part of the tech world. And Steve Jobs is certainly one of the biggest.

      I think most people were expecting Gizmodo to be swarmed with Apple articles for the next few days. . .

      Just not for this reason ;_;

      It'll be like one of those dreadful, long, international flights- something that leaves you feeling rather queasy and grumpy, but you just have to suffer through no matter what to get to the rewards at the end.

      Quite frankly, wait till someone's a bastard before telling them not to be one..

    agrees with olearymo

    would have been nice if the video was able to play on a ipad. come on giz kick a man while he's down u make a vid that needs flash!!!!

      this is the funniest thing i have seen all day!!

      Playing it on my iPad right now. What are you going on about?

    Inb4 flOod of steve jobs posts

    Good video. The voice over was great too.

    I'f it weren't for this Man, I would still be a P.C., illiterate! My children,14 and 16 , got me my first P.C.; the IMac2007; desktop; after I left their abusive father! As a medical professional,(everything in writing)), I never knew how to use a computer!!( not from that new era). I love this computer; and have since purchased : 2, I-pod's; 2, I touches; 2, Iphones;and a brand, and the new I-Pad2; for daughter's sweet 16th Birthday, on Sept. 11, 2011! (Sad time; as well). Thank you Steve, my daughter loves and adores, this gift you brought to the world; and her life!!! I never knew of you before tonight; but the gift's you give the world; can't be put into word's! With all my Love to you family, and the joy of the kingdom as God has received you. Suzanne W.

    Just wondering what "Pegasus Open 50 Log: Finally, Through The Fog, A Sunset" has to do with anything?

    Thanks for everything you are an Awesome RIP Steve Jobs

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