The Screens In These Speakers Weren't Meant For Touching

By this point you've probably been hardwired to think "touch screen" at the very sight of a black rectangle. But German high-end speaker company, Göbel knows better than to slap a screen onto their flagship Epoque Reference speakers for novelty's sake.

The black rectangles on these speakers are actually the latest version of Göbel's signature bending wave drivers. Although previous models were crafted from thin wooden membranes, this latest iteration uses nine layers of laser-cut carbon fibre in addition to the wooden core. Of course neither carbon-fibre nor wood can produce sound on their own accord, so the actual tunes are produced by four aluminium longthrow chassis drivers and eight passive radiators that reside within the driver unit. Oh, and the 12 subwoofers that flank them. It's all wrapped up in an acoustically-optimised composite board housing with interior aluminium baffles and support beams. The entire package weighs about 190.5kg!

Göbel is promoting the Evoques with a tour across Europe's most renowned Hi-Fi dealers offering customers a chance to listen before they order. Oh and yeah, if you have to ask, you can't afford them.

[Göbel via 6moons, Born Rich]

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