The Real Reason Steve Jobs's Benz Didn't Have A Licence Plate

We've always wondered why Steve Jobs' Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG didn't have a licence plate. Did he think he was above the law? Was he doing it to be different? Maybe! But how did he get away with it? Easy. His cars were leased.

According to Jon Callas, CTO of Entrust, and someone who has worked senior security detail for Apple before, Steve Jobs found a loophole of sorts in California licence plate laws. If you had a new car, you could drive plateless for six months (of course, you still had to register). So Jobs, being rich beyond belief, decided he would just lease a new car every six months. He came to terms with a leasing company and switched out his 'old' Mercedes SL55 AMG for a 'new' Mercedes SL55 AMG twice a year. New car, no plates.

It's a hilariously logical rich man way of thinking to side step the law. Or a crazily convoluted way to stay different. [iTWire via Jalopnik]

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