The Latest Netbook… Is An Amiga?

Those of an old timer perspective like myself — or as I like to think of it, suitably seasoned — will know that every couple of years, the dusty but beloved old Amiga brand gets a reheating and a semi-fresh spark of life. The latest Amiga products due for release next year? Amiga netbooks.

I’ve got especially fond memories of the Amiga; my trusty Amiga 500 saw me through my University degree, and look where that’s taken me.

Ahem. Maybe not. Anyway, AmigaOS is the operating system that won’t go quietly into the night; recent years have seen a small number of PowerPC based machines running AmigaOS released to a core group of enthusiasts. The latest batch of machines includes the “First Contact” version of the x1000, a full desktop machine that doesn’t look particularly Amiga-esque on the surface. Hyperion, the folks currently behind the Amiga IP, are working on Netbooks to release some time in 2012. The Amiga Netbook will use integrated graphics, most likely 512MB of RAM and cost somewhere between US$300-US$500.

I loved my Amiga back in the day; I really did. But at that kind of price point for mid-next year at the earliest, I’ve got to say that it’s looking like a costly and rather niche offering. [Liliputing]
Image: farnea