The Best Videos Of The Week

Here are some of the best videos we watched during the week that was. We highly recommend you watch them as well.

When You Drop a Slinky, It Floats in Midair Like Magic

Slinky's, one of the cosmos' perennial enigmas, has one amazing property you've probably never noticed. Our mortal eyes aren't quick enough to notice — but this slow-mo camera is. View »

I'd Rather Buy Dwight Schrute's Fake Pyramid Tablet Than A Real One

Is there anything worse than your typical Android tablet right now? I mean, yes, death, famine, nuclear proliferation, Dane Cook, sure. But most Android tablets are abysmally boring. View »

What Toy Story Would Look Like If They Filmed with Real Toys

Jonason Pauley, who looks like the spitting image of Toy Story's Andy, is making a re-make of Toy Story. Only it's the same exact movie except real toy versions of Woody, Buzz and the gang are used instead of Pixar's wizard CGI. View »

A Riotous Beginning for the New Mutants of X-Men: Destiny

How does one go from being a displaced teenager with an idiot father one moment to being an unofficial member of the world's greatest mutant fighting force the next? View »

What Computer Problems Would Look Like If They Were Literally Real

Can't open folders. Logged out. Firewalls. Windows crashed. Reboot. What do those sayings even mean? This video shows you what the world would look like if those computer problems were taken, like, literally. View »

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