The 28-Day Persecution of Rommy Gulla

The 28-Day Persecution of Rommy Gulla

Featuring the new 1-Terabyte Panasonic BWT800 3D Blu-ray Disc Recorder.

The new Panasonic BWT800 certainly isn’t what you’d casually call a standard run of the mill Blu-ray recorder. The reason being that underneath its sleek outer shell lies an absolute plethora of electronic marvellousness. Such as:

– Twin High Definition Tuner – VIErA Cast including Skype recording – Built in Wi-Fi – And DLNA as server and client

And while these features are obviously right up there on the great to have list they still aren’t the real reason the BWT800 ‘s as good as it is. That honour’s left to its monster 1-Terabyte hard drive. A hard drive so huge you can expect a full 28 days (or 684 hours) of high-def recording and playback (In HM mode only). That’s a hell of a lot of World Cup rugby, a hell of a lot of movies, and way, way, way too many episodes of Friends.

That said, how do you demonstrate to all and sundry just how long 28 days actually is? Easy.

You find a young (ish) man. In this case a bloke from Dee Why called Rommy Gulla. Convince him to allow his work and private life to be invaded. Convince him to let his mind be screwed with and life turned upside down by being pranked for 28 days straight. Then, of course, post it on the Internet on a daily basis for all the world to see.

And the best bit is, you dear reader get to join in all the fun. Visit or the Panasonic website, check out the New BWT800, then make a suggestion as to how you’d make the next 28 days the longest most annoying 28 days of Rommy Gulla’s life. Then if you’re very, very lucky, your devious plan might just happen, and you might win some awesome prizes to boot.