Telstra Denounces Fake iPhone 5 Ads

The Whirlpool forums yesterday were host to a series of ads that, at first glance, appear to have originated from Telstra. The ads feature a number of slogans paired with the iPhone 5 brand, and are styled much in the same way as Telstra's revamped marketing campaign. The telco today informed ZDNet Australia that the ads are elaborate fakes.

Whoever put them together went to a lot of trouble to make them seem authentic, with the images including dated filenames, accurate use of Telstra's new colours and even printing guides. However, there are a number of branding errors that cast doubt over their origin.

Firstly, it's unlikely Apple would approve of Steve Jobs's name being used in any advertising (especially as he's no longer head honcho). Secondly, Apple insists "iPhone" appears with a lowercase "i", and never after "the".

A number of the ads break these rules, and it's unlikely Telstra would disregard Apple's branding guidelines just for the sake of a single campaign.

True, these could have been mockups or drafts yet to be finalised or approved, which would account somewhat for these issues. But with Telstra officially denying their legitmacy, the point is moot.

Image: Whirlpool forums

'Telstra' iPhone 5, 4S ads surface [ZDNet Australia]



    What's the deal with Apple never putting a definite article before iPhone? Do they think it's some kind of speci- oh.

      If people knew in 6 months time (officially) a new iphone was being released, everyone would hold out.

    what was the point of this then? if whoever was going to go to the trouble of doing these fakes they could at least make them interesting....or funny.

      They were meant to give away the release date.

      They were meant to give iPhone fans a collective hard-on while they wait for tomorrow's keynote.

    whoever design this ad has no benefit beside Telstra. On the other hand we don't event know Apple going to release a iPhone 5 or 4Gs.

    At the end who really care.

    I think this may have been a disgruntled ex-Telstra employee trying to get them into trouble.

    Type iPhone 5 into google and look to the Ads banner in yellow at the top of the search results:

    Optus Gives You 5 |

    Telstra's Big Secret - 5, Four, Three, Two.. |

    Very very cheeky...

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