Telstra Raises Its Top Hat To ADSL2+

New exchanges will be enabled for Telstra's own customers and its resellers through the addition of "top hats" to ADSL infrastructure -- but not where there's an NBN rollout imminent. It's long been the case that just because you were serviced for telephony by Telstra that you weren't necessarily guaranteed to be able to get ADSL broadband services from them automatically; depending on the wiring between your place and the exchange you may be limited to dialup only, if that. Telstra's just announced that it's putting a rollout in place that will adapt existing non-ADSL-capable street cabinets to be ADSL2+ capable; known as "top hats" because rather than fit an additional cabinet besides the existing one, they sit on top of them instead. This is quicker to install and requires much less planning permission, according to Telstra. Telstra's statement says that approximately 2,000 top hats will be installed across the nation; the locations of the first 900 are still being finalised, but Telstra states that the new exchanges will be open to both Telstra customers and those using Telstra ports through resellers.

If you're left wondering why Telstra would be commissioning an 18 month project with the NBN looming and Telstra due to dump its copper network entirely, it's worth noting that the top hat rollout only applies in areas that either don't have an NBN rollout or where one isn't imminent; if you're in one of those areas you'll just have to wait for the NBN itself. [Telstra]


    I wonder if there are any catches besides the normal Telstra price gouging. NBN isn't "looming" at all. I'm in a metro area and it isn't even in the within 12 month zone, only a few outer metro suburbs are.

    Try this link, down the bottom is the rollout plan.

    Well good and bad finding my area on that list - I should get adsl2 at some point, but apparently won't be seeing the NBN for a while :(

    Here's hoping they're upgrading the backhauls from the cabinets too, I really would prefer not to see a repeat of the 5 kB/s download speeds at peak times that I used to get.


    I think it's about time they finally spent some money and helped everyone else, there are thousands and thousands of people stuck behind Pair Gain Systems unable to get ADSL due to it either being not ADSL enabled or there's no ports and too many houses to battle with in the game of 'port lottery'. I've been waiting for 5 YEARS to get ADSL, and I am so excited that it's finally going to happen. :-) Good on you Telstra. I hate Mobile Broadband and Dial-Up Internet forever!

    Truth is, I don't care about the NBN, as long as I have fast ADSL2+ I'm fine!

    They still need to rollout a crapload of ISAMs to get alot of us behind CMUXs up to ADSL2+ speeds ...

      @ Andy, the "top hats" are compatible with RIM's and CMUX's, ISAM's are WAY to complicated and take a long time to plan out how they're going to be constructed and connected, top hats are easy.

        Plus, I'm on a CMUX. :-)

        Top Hat will only contain ISAMs, not ASAM or CMUX. If they are installed where there are currently ASAM or CMUX provided services, the services will be migrated to ISAM in the Top Hat.


    You're using their old logo in the image.

    I had a moment of hope :-) buy no, still buggered by NT-1 and ACCC hobbled "competition" that gives "lower" average prices (they claim, but plenty of "monopoly" countries have better services, just saying ...) but no useful service for some. F%$^ I hate nanny capitalism run by "econo-wizards" ... back to my wireless ...

    You can try Telstra 4 G modem I am very Happy with the speed I get in Gympie.
    I am on 24 hours a day..Much better than adesl 2+

      Telstra 4G is not available everywhere only in some towns in the central district, so some people might be living just a few KM's out of coverage range, which is a disappointment.

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