SwipePad For Android: A Better Way To Switch Apps

I've always found it a little bit annoying to switch apps on my Android phone. The stock task manager/app switcher list is cumbersome. SwipePad isn't. You just take your finger, swipe from a corner of your screen and it'll magically launch a very slick app switcher. Pick your app and BAM. Switched.

What's it do?

SwipePad is a better app switcher for your Android phone. Instead of holding down the home button to launch your recent apps, SwipePad uses hotspots — corners and edges of your phone's screen — to trigger a new 'pad' (which is sorta like a dashboard of apps). Here's how it works. Let's say you want to switch to a recently opened app, you drag your finger from the top right corner to the centre of the screen and a dashboard with all your recent apps will show up. All you have to do now is hover over the app you want to open and SwipePad will switch the app. It's quick, painless and borderline magical. The app is also customisable, you can set the top left corner to show a dashboard of your favourite apps. Bottom left edge for games. Bottom right corner for widgets. And so on. Everything and anything can be tweaked.

Why do we like it?

It's adding another layer to your phone. The sort of depth that'll make you wonder how you could have lived without it. Trust me, if you don't want to bother with silly app drawers and the wimpy stock task manager again, get SwipePad. The interface is completely natural and most importantly, FAST. It doesn't take more than half a second to get where you want to go. Plus, if you're set up properly and maxed out, you can have as much as 9 different hotspots with 12 different apps 'hidden' in each of those hotspots. That's over a 100 apps all within a seconds reach. SwipePad is also free so you don't really have a good excuse to not try it.


Download this app for:

The Best

Swipey swipe fun

The Worst

Long setup time

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