Steve Jobs Is A Vampire; Bill Gates A Zombie

Is it really possible to divide the world up into groups of monster types? And why are IT types all Zombies anyway? That's the core idea behind an article in the New York times which divides the world up based on the dead/undead monster that best represents their personal characteristics. Sadly, for most of us IT types, we're rotting zombies rather than sexy vampires, although there are said to be some exceptions; Steve Jobs is stated as a Vampire (makes sense, of a sort), as is all of Twitter, while Facebook is a horde (a rather large horde, I guess) of Zombies. Finally, Farmville makes sense to me!

OK, before the lawyers descend, I'm not (and I don't think the article is) suggesting that messrs Jobs or Gates possess any kind of post-life powers; it's more of an interesting read regarding how people approach life — including gadget life. Zombies are joiners, part of big waves, while Vampires are solitary but often lead the way. I suspect I'm mostly a zombie… which would also explain that craving for brains I've had recently. [New York Times Magazine]

Image: Chris Harvey/Shutterstock

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