Spotify Spotted Scouting For Aussie Recruit

Spotify is on the hunt for a Label Relations Manager for the Australian/New Zealand market. Whether this recruiting effort translates into Spotify expanding into our corner of the southern hemisphere is an entirely different question.

Australia and New Zealand have produced a lot of musical talent over the years (to put it lightly), so I can understand why Spotify would be keen to get a local on board to massage relationships for its core service in the US.

That said, when Delimiter spied the job opening a few days ago, their analysis suggested that its a strong signal towards expansion here, regardless of Spotify's eventual plans. Personally, I'll be waiting for a few more substantial hires before firing that gun.

The role description specifies that the manager will "serve as primary point of contact for record labels, distributors & aggregators specifically in Belgium and the Netherlands", but that's likely a typo from a copy and paste from a similar job description.


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