Spice Up Company Reports -- In 3D

Company reports are generally tedious, terrible things. I can think of few things I'd rather do less than sit through an annual general report. But my hat (if I was wearing one) would be off to the Australian Communication Exchange, which has today released its annual report in 3D. This isn't just some gimmick for the sake of adopting currently "cool" technology either, especially as the 3D in question is anaglyphic (that is, the old-fashioned red/blue) 3D. The Australian Communication Exchange is, according to its own bio, a "national not-for-profit, established to facilitate equity of access to the telecommunications’ network for people who are Deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment."

So why 3D? Simple — a 3D bit of sign language has depth, and that may aid in correctly reading it more easily than a flat 2D image. I'm no great fan of 3D generally, but this is a great example of actually using a technology to enhance, rather than "just because". [ACE]

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