Siri: What Is It Good For? [Video]

Siri: What Is It Good For? [Video]

OK, I had my fun with Siri last week testing the limits of its Australian accent recognition. Time to get down to more serious work — what can you actually use Siri for?

Siri’s a voice system with some attitude, and it’s certainly one you can have a certain amount of fun with — although I’d suggest working out what’s actually acceptable in public places in terms of talking to your smartphone first.

That aside, what can you actually use Siri for? I’ve highlighted some of the basics, some of the hidden tweaks and how you can opt to make Siri locked down and secure or totally open.

There’s still no explicit word on when exactly Siri will get local navigation features; when I met with Apple representatives on Friday they said there was no announced plans, although Apple’s own Siri FAQ suggests that

Maps and local search support will be available in additional countries in 2012.