Shooting Challenge: 8 Pink-Tastic Shots

This week has been all about raising awareness and funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, so we're running with the theme in this week's shooting challenge. Check out these seven shots as submitted by you, plus a bonus pic of the boys of Allure Media looking, uh, beautiful in pink.

Vinnie Lum

This image is actually inspired by the light-painting challenge from a couple weeks ago, so I thought I'd combine it with this week's pink theme.

The footprints are created with a custom snoot I fashioned out of cardboard with red cellophane for the colour. Shot with a D90+18-200mm lens. A base photo was taken (f8, 15s, ISO200) of the background. Then another three photos (same settings at f7.1), where I "stamped" the footprints using a speedlight. The photos were then layered together and the ghost images of me walking around the scene with a cardboard box were masked out. I got many curious questions from locals while experimenting with this!

Chan Nguyen

Taken with my iPhone 4 without flash.

This photo was taken at my sister’s birthday dinner. My sister’s mates were all drunk and singing karaoke so we snuck off to a corner to take photos of ourselves. We didn’t realise that the lighting in the restaurant was turning us pink until the next morning but at least now I’ve got a use for one of them.

Alex Kidman

Randomly taken photo taken as snapshot with iPhone 4S, while out walking.

The readers must be able to do better.

Rohan Webb

I saw this little guy walking back from a photo shoot at the beach, caught my eye and I took a quick snap, very minimal editing too, just a bit of cropping! Enjoy.

This was just taken using: Canon 1000D with stock 18-55mm lens, Shutter Speed: 1/640 ISO: 400 f/11

Luke Taylor

This photo was taken on Saturday afternoon while mowing my mother's lawn. Long-time follower of these challenges, I am happy to finally be able to submit a picture. Taken on my phone (Samsung i8910), no touch ups, as I have no real editing software on this computer. F/2.6 1/74 Sec ISO-50 Ex -1.4

Luke Richards

Camera: Canon EOS 550D Lense: Tamron 18-200mm XR Di II ISO: 400 Shutter Priority: 30seconds

Story: Well, when I first heard about the brief I had so many good idea. The first one was to put little pink and purple hundreds and thousands on a subject's eyelid, then I thought everyone would do that, the other was to through pink slime at my sister and then make it so only the pink colour was showing. Other ideas involved pink glow sticks but these didn't work out to well.. As I was setting up my other shot (laying the bottle flat, with a tap over the top and making it look like sprinkles were going from the tap into the bottle) I accidentally knocked my bottle of pink sprinkles that I was about to use. To begin with I was a bit annoyed, especially given the effort I put in to set up the tripod for its shot (it was basically balancing on the back of three chairs).

But as I looked at the mess I though, actually — this isn't bad... , they kind or sprinkled out as the bottle was moving from side to side which gave me my idea for my last photo. I continued on and manipulated the sprinkles a bit more and the result is there to be seen.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did taking it.

Nick Threapleton

Sigma 30mm f1.4 prime mounted on a Canon 600D underneath a Yongnuo YN580 flash. ISO 200, 1/4" exposure, f3.2.

This image was apart of my first ever nightlife set I did over the weekend, I was experimenting with shutter drag and found this setting combination to work the best. It was taken in between pretending to DJ as the in-house DJ was playing music off his iPod at the time and the decks were inactive, I even got requests for songs.

Allure Media

Last week, we had a Pink Ribbon Breakfast in the office and just about everyone wore a little pink. Spot any familiar faces?

If you'd like to make a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, you can do so via Allure Media's fundraising page.

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