Shoebox Digitises All Your Old Photos With Your iPhone

If you have a stack of old pictures — like, real pictures from your primitive days — they're probably just sitting around collecting dust. Don't you want to move those pictures to the modern age by digitising 'em? Of course! Shoebox, an iPhone app, can do it for you.

Of course, there are other ways to digitize old photos — scan 'em all to get the bestest quality you can or something — but I'm much too lazy to do that. Shoebox makes the steps really easy, you just use the iPhone camera to take a picture of your old picture, crop the pic with their slick crop tool, tag it and share with all your friends just like you would an Instagram. Your new digital picture looks exactly like the print picture and you get all the cool new snazzy social sharing options. Plus, all the pictures you take with Shoebox are archived on so you don't ever have to worry about those prints getting destroyed. [iTunes via @sacca]

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