Samsung Trying To Ban iPhone 4S In France And Italy

Tim Cook's probably still riding high off last night's iPhone 4S after party, and Samsung's already trying to ruin the fun. Reuters reports the bitter patent ex-girlfriend is seeking a total iPhone 4S sales ban in Italy and France.

It's becoming hard to keep all these patent attacks and counterattacks straight — but at least we knew this one was coming. Why just France and Italy?

Under French and Italian laws, companies can seek and courts can order a ban on sales of a product even before it hits the market, Samsung spokesman James Chung told Reuters.

With this in mind, why not just seek an injunction on the iPad 3? And iPhone 5? Or why bother at all? Samsung's yet to triumph in this whole campaign. And yet, they persist. Patent war. Patent war never changes. [Reuters]

Tower photos: Softeis, Benh LIEU SONG

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