$2 Samsung Galaxy S II Queue Now 47 Long

Still keen on one of those $2 Samsung Galaxy S IIs that Samsung's selling as a stunt? Technically, the queue that's reported outside the Sydney-based pop-up-shop already has the available models sewn up — and may start clashes with iPhone 4S fans.

Why the fuss? See Gizmodo's Galaxy S II Review

Just as a reminder, Samsung's only selling off ten phones at $2 per day, and I'm still waiting on actual confirmation from Samsung PR that they're fully Vodafone locked; that could bring the asking price for an unlocked phone up to $77 — still a bargain.

Thanks again to Derek for today's updated photo; he tells me that the queue now stretches to just outside the Apple store. As spoiler tactics for the iPhone 4S launch it's an interesting one. Clearly, Apple's not having trouble selling iPhone 4S, but what's going to happen on Friday when the queue for the Galaxy S II meets the queue for iPhone 4S?

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