Rumour: Is A Next Generation Xbox Set For A 2013 Release?

Develop is reporting that Microsoft's successor to the Xbox 360, is set for a 2013 release, as suggested by a number of different sources -- from "chip manufacturers to middleware firms". In addition, Lionhead is apparently working on a project titled 'Fable Next'.

According to the report, sources expect the console to be unveiled at E3 2013 and released in the holiday period that same year.

It's not completely outside the realm of possibility that Microsoft is looking to release a new console over the next couple of years, and 2013 is as good a year as any. It would be naive to believe that both Microsoft and Sony aren't currently working on new tech for release in the next two or three years, and if that's the case, then surely a handful of studios are currently hard at work creating launch titles.

Personally, I think 2013 is a good year. I've loved the extended period of this generation of consoles, and it's arguably been the best generation for games ever, but console tech is starting to show its age, and I'm about ready for something new.

Sources point to 2013 launch for 'Xbox Next' [Develop]

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    Serrels is invading Giz! Back to Kotaku with ye!

    That said, 2013 sounds about right for the next console.

    A smaller Xbox with better graphics capabilities im guessing...consoles need to start pushing new boundaries and be more open. You should be able to play games, it should be your network media player, it should have expandable storage like a NAS or attach a NAS directly, play games from Hard drive, PVR. wash your dishs etc

      I have a 360 and it already has these functions, (PVR and dish washing the exception). It accesses my NAS, I can play games from the HDD, it could do with more codec support but it does have media player functionality, Foxtel is available for those who are in the region. Not sure about the PS3 - never used one.

        Yeah i know but there's certainly improvements to be made to most of those areas.I still prefer to use Boxee for example.. Especially the dish washing area..the dirty plate stack is getting pretty high around my Xbox atm

      Although the restriction is that I require an MS hard drive.

      but.. consoles can do most of that already? i stream data thru my xbox, you can install games, download games on the "games on demand" from xbox live. the ps3 has pvr tech. i would imagine external memory could give issues, trying to make software that would run efficiently on different hardware.

      either way, a graphics update would be nice i guess

        Then help me out bro. Think of some shit it doesn't do that it should such as be a torrent download manager or something. Or does it do that already too??

    The only thing I want to see is the same as most and have better graphic. I highly doubt we will see Blu-Ray for it. Maybe more RAM. If they can keep the 360s form factor then I'll be happy.

      internal power supply would be nice

    I reckon the medium the games should be on is some form of mini-flash drive (kind of like a cartridge). As flash memory is faster (considerably less loading time, if any), are getting cheaper, and can store a fair amount of memory in a compact size.... basically the same reason the CD replaced cartridges on game consoles over a decade ago.
    That, and they should have the option to maybe download games online, merging with the WP marketplace.

    I dont have the money for a new console and loathe paying top dollar at launch and then the price drops come rolling in a few months later. I am happy with the current box for atleast another 3 years.

    Definately need a new console... the features are already there, just need more grunt... games are running at lower and lower fps its annoying! And lowering resolution and texture detail etc is not a solution.. perhaps for now because they have to work with what they have got, but they been dialing back quality to help the consoles run the game for quite some time... that to me is a massive sign thats its time for a new one. If they nail the next console they should get 10 years out of it easy.

    Even if a new console does come out in 2013, you can bet your bottom dollar that Microsoft will be milking the current 360 for all its worth at least until 2015. By that time, there would have been a decent price drop in the new Xbox. So start saving.

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