RIM Responds To Global BlackBerrypocalypse

You might have noticed BlackBerry service has collapsed for a lot of people around the entire planet. Two full days later, RIM's decided to say something about it: "We're working on it." Great!

RIM's CIO, Robin Bienfait, wants to apologize:

You've depended on us for reliable, real-time communications, and right now we're letting you down. We are taking this very seriously and have people around the world working around the clock to address this situation. We believe we understand why this happened and we are working to restore normal service levels in all markets as quickly as we can.

It's staggering to me that RIM has no clue, or isn't willing to admit, what's taken down their network around the globe. It's been two days, guys. At any rate, here's where BlackBerries of the world stand, according to RIM:

Europe, Middle East, India and Africa: Email: alive BBM: alive Internet: dead

Canada and Latin America Email: alive BBM: delayed Internet: dead

USA Email: alive BBM: delayed Internet: alive

What's your situation? [RIM]

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