Possible Nexus Prime Picture Shows Off Super-Curved Screen

Yesterday, Samsung released a cryptic video teasing next week's Android Unpacked event. The end of the video shows a suuuper-curved phone with the tagline, "Something BIG is coming". Hello Nexus Prime?

We've been expecting the Nexus Prime, the next great Android phone that'll introduce Ice Cream Sandwich with it, for quite a while now and there's really no better time to introduce it than right now (as Apple just showed its cards). The phone in Samsung's teaser video looks deliciously thin and curvy, let's hope it's as good as we want it to be.

Cute teaser video. [CNet]



    This thing is going to be like 4.6". Do people really want a phone that big?

      i do

      4.6 inch 16:9 screen with no buttons is the same size as a 4.3 inch phone with capacitive buttons. The Nexus prime will be roughly the same size as the SGS2; just sexier.

      Me too.

        What, you're sexier than the SGS2...?

    i dont think the back is curvy, you can see the line not touching the edges on either side.

    It's only too big if you can't fit it in your pocket.

    $27 says it's not that curved. I dont think the blue line follows the phones screen.

      Wait to go Mr. Precise. How do you intend to measure what amounts to being (or not being) "not that curved" with your all enticing bet of $27? And is that American or Australian dollars?

        Devils in the vague details.

        Messuring will be conducted by scaling the image to a 1:1 ratio of the real phone, holding it against it to see if the angle of the curved blue line, lines up.

        The exchange of the winning money will be done in person, somewhere in china. To be witness by a panda, with black fur and white spots.

    Curved in that direction would be great to hold, but a pain to put in your pocket.

    That said, I'm more excited to see what comes from the android unpacked event than apple's announcement yesterday.

      Not if you put it in your pocket sideways so it curves around your leg :p

        ... or in a breast pocket, where it can curve around your pectoral muscle (or your actual breast).

          or moob, as the case most probably is.

    Maybe such a curved phone isn't aimed at us practical people, rather the ones that keep it in a case/handbag

    :21 to :23 you can clearly see the shape, like the love child of a nexus s and a galaxy sII

    fap fap fap fap fap

    I don't know about you guys but here's a very clear picture of it. Not as curved as you may think from that video for sure.


    The curve will mean it will hug your butt, so when you sit down, the screen won't shatter on the seat, and the padding of your fatt arse will protect it.

    So this is how they pay tribute to Mr Jobs.

    It looks sexy, selling my gs2 for sure. And what does this have to do with the latest step jobs, why bring him up and disrespect him?

    Is this a bottom view? Those 3 holes looks like the microphone, which is best located at the bottom of the phone. This looks to curve around the horizontal plane. Which makes sense, holding the phone with one hand, your thumb isn't designed to move on a flat surface as well as it could on a curve. Sometimes my thumb "locks up" when I'm using flat screened touch phones with one hand.

    I'll also point out, that the microphone should be on the bottom, unless there's one on each side, or they make a "lefty/righty" model, which won't happen. The bottom edge is curved with the screen, you can tell as it's the purpose of the "feet" on the unit... I'm also thinking it's curved on the horizontal plane could support a nice 3D effect... Unless u hold it in landscape, I dunno what would happen then.

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