Our Favourite TVs, Cameras, Gadgets And More

Our Favourite TVs, Cameras, Gadgets And More

Let’s be frank: September was a dog of a month this year. In the seat of House Gizmodo, it was equal parts sticky and submerged. Not cool, September. Luckily, some great gadgets also came out this month. Here’s a list of some of our favourites.

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Best 3DTV
LG 50PZ950’s THX Certified display has amazing picture quality worthy of your Blu-ray collection. 3D performance itself could be better, but the whole package is one of the best TVs out there.[imgclear]

Best Networked Storage Alternative
Some aspects of the TS-459 Pro II hardware are comparable to the competition, and in other respects, it’s just head and shoulders above the rest. A 1.8GHz dual-core Atom powers the TS-459 Pro II, and 1GB of DDR3 RAM comes preinstalled, though you can upgrade to 3GB yourself. QNAP also offers more connectivity options than most mortals will know what to do with, and it’s strong on the software side, too.[imgclear]

Best Point-and-Shoot Camera
Canon’s S95 was our favourite pocket camera. Um, it’s probably not anymore. Meet the S100. What’s new? Oh, Canon’s first Digic V processor. A wider 24mm zoom lens. A 12MP CMOS sensor (up from a 10MP CCD). 1080p video. And GPS built-in.


Best Point-and-Shoot Camera: The Canon S95 dun’ been upgraded.

*Note, this is not a complete list — just the change log. Our full list of The Greatest Gadgets is right here.