Optus iPhone 4S Pricing Now Available

Somebody had to jump first, and in the case of the iPhone 4S, that somebody ended up being Optus, which has chosen Saturday night as the best time to release its pricing model. Gus at Lifehacker's done the hard work of sorting out the plan values, right after the jump.

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It took a very short period of time for Apple's own pre-order website to go from "shipping from the 14th" to "1-2 weeks delivery" for those looking for outright purchase, which means lining up for either a carrier plan or purchase is your best option right now if you must have an iPhone 4S on launch day.

Over at Lifehacker, Gus has put together this handy table that runs down the basic plan prices of Optus' 4S offerings. There's an interesting mix of value in what they're pitching -- expect it to get even more interesting when Vodafone and Telstra announce their pricing models as well.

[Optus (choose the phone, plan and hit "find out more") via Lifehacker]



    Holy jesus thats expensive. Typical Optus.

      $49 + $10 is how much I'm paying on vodafone for the 32GB iPhone 4 over 24 months so $49 + $19 is pretty good for the 64GB model

      Well it is the Jesus phone.

      I think you have to consider Vodafones network quality compared to Optus. Optus doesn't cost much more for that.

    It would be really interesting to see a comparison table with the pricing from when the iPhone 4 was released.

    I wonder if this year we will get the same barage of comments of people comparing the cost of a outright iphone in Australia to a iphone on a 2 year contract.

    Poor pricing by Optus to be honest... When the SGS2 is free on a $49 Optus Plan and it's an extra $10 per month for a 16gb iPhone 4S on the same plan or still $6 extra per month on a $59 plan it's pretty stupid

      Because the SGSII is $150-200 cheaper outright then the ip4s?

    I can bet my bottom dollar, Virgin's pricing will be out tomorrow and it'll be better than this.

    For the exact same service provided on the Optus network with ACTUAL customer service, I'm impressed Optus has learned nothing over the last 12 months of sliding sales.

      Given Optus owns Virgin I'm sure they have some idea of what works and what doesn't in respects to the two companies. The two businesses are run slightly different to hit different markets. If Optus was failing hard and Virgin doing brilliantly then they would change the model to suit.

    Pathetic really.
    The 8GB iPhone 4 is THE SAME PRICE as when the iPhone 4 first came out a year ago.
    And the iPhone 4S is $6 a month more than I paid for my iPhone 4..
    Honestly wtf are they doing?
    Nice way to try and rip us off Optus.

      Isn't it that Singtel own Optus and Virgin uses Optus's infrastructure?

        Singtel own Optus and Optus wholly own Virgin. I know I work there.

    Did I get in real early with the iPhone 4 last year or something? Because I'm on the $59 plan and I pay zero, nada, zilch for the handset with optus...

    The gf wants the 4S and these plans are stil better value than her current plan of $89 per month for a 3GS. Ouch! She's just finished her 2 year contract you see.

    Funny, I work at an Optus store and the prices here are different to what Optus sent through to us.

      If they're better, can I come to you? lol

    Alternatively, get an unlocked 16GB iPhone 4S for $799 and put it on the TPG $18/month plan ($550 calls, 1.5GB data).

    Total cost $1015, no contract at all.

      With discounting, your plan costs $1202.80 (or, $1,135 for the $3/month cheaper if you've got home line), compared to $1,324.33 for the 24 month Optus at $59/month ($49 cap with $10 handset payments)

      If you've got the cash such that not having $799 for a few months is worth saving that extra $120, then props to you. But, most people wouldn't want it (also, given you are no longer on a contract, I suspect that at some point in the next 24 months you would upgrade your phone, with additional costs to encounter. If you're locked into a contract, you aren't going to break it, which is a good thing)

    I just tried to pre-order and it keeps coming up with errors :-/

      Your Account Number isn't your Optus Customer Number, it's your mobile number.

      It's worded stupidly.

      Same here. I've been trying since 11pm. Anyone else get the same?

      Same here. Its so annoying.

    yeah doesn't work for me either, my friend pre ordered as a non customer and she got it confirmed. but as a current customer on optus it wont let me do it :(

      Try now. I'm an existing customer and it wouldnt work last night or earlier this morning but it works now.

    It's cheaper on Vodafone's bottom of rung plan over 24 months ($1056 15 on the 29 cap) than it is on Optus' bottom 12 month plan ( $1068 40 on the 49 cap) Optus' prices seem to be a little high IMO

    But is Vodafone's network coming up to scratch? or are you paying less for less coverage?

      I live in Newcastle, from my experience if you are planning to go with vodafone, you may as well save yourself the trouble and buy an ipod touch

    Depends on where you are, if you're in area where they've done the new upgrades it'd be easily as good as optus' coverage, if you're in area where it hasn't been yet than no probably not.

    The prices shown here are 10 less than the ones advertised on the Optus website..
    If they were the prices shown here i would get it. :|

      That's a pretty serious discrepancy. My local allphones want to sign me up, but don't have a price list!

    at my workplace vodaphone has no coverage.
    optus is marginal, in some area's you get 3g, others you get the O.

    telstra is better, but more expensive... i'm happy with my iphone 4 plan.
    $24.50 per month,
    iphone 4 16 gig
    $450 worth of calls
    4 GB downloads
    free calls to optus

    Didn't work in FF but did in IE.

    There seemed to be some Active X code the latest ver that FF didn't like

    Optus you get a bunch of extras they don't shout about for some reason? $10 Flat rate movie tickets, and $1.65 tracks from their movie store (cheaper than iTunes) If you go to the movies 1 time a month with a friend you will save $20 on the spot.

      ..*MP3 store .. sigh, my bad.

    Telstra being tardy?

    How awkward, The telstra pricing for the $59 64gb model is actually $3 cheaper a month, just with 500mb less data and $250 less calls. (irrelevant for the astronomical service upgrade you get) This is why im dumping optus and moving to telstra.

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