Optus iPhone 4S Pricing Now Available

Optus iPhone 4S Pricing Now Available

Somebody had to jump first, and in the case of the iPhone 4S, that somebody ended up being Optus, which has chosen Saturday night as the best time to release its pricing model. Gus at Lifehacker’s done the hard work of sorting out the plan values, right after the jump.

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It took a very short period of time for Apple’s own pre-order website to go from “shipping from the 14th” to “1-2 weeks delivery” for those looking for outright purchase, which means lining up for either a carrier plan or purchase is your best option right now if you must have an iPhone 4S on launch day.

Over at Lifehacker, Gus has put together this handy table that runs down the basic plan prices of Optus’ 4S offerings. There’s an interesting mix of value in what they’re pitching — expect it to get even more interesting when Vodafone and Telstra announce their pricing models as well.

[Optus (choose the phone, plan and hit “find out more”) via Lifehacker]