Nokia's Sea Ray Windows Phone To Be Known As N800?

A pair of seemingly official ads for Nokia's first Windows Phone handset have been discovered, which give the rumoured Sea Ray the extremely dull new product name Nokia N800. And we get to see the thing, too.

The supposed Nokia 800 is pictured atop a WP7-style coloured, tiled background, showing an oddly curved handset with a colourful or possibly even shiny and metallic surround. It's not the ugliest phone there's ever been, but then it doesn't exactly set groins on fire, either. It's certainly disappointing enough to be a Microsoft/Nokia smartphone production.

And yes, there has already been a Nokia N800. Which undermines the validity of these leaks somewhat, we must say. [Pocketnow via Gizmodo UK]



    they already did the n800

    2007 running maemo 4. it was a pretty cool machine back then

    Oh come on Nokia, there's never been a better time to drop the numbers-as-phone-names thing!

    Oh well, here's to customer confusion...

    "It’s certainly disappointing enough to be a Microsoft/Nokia smartphone production."

    Every now and then, one is reminded that objectivity and keeping an open mind does not exist on Gizmodo (the .au site does a much better job though).

    Personally I wouldn't get a WP7 phone just yet, but it's quite amazing to see what they've done in... LESS THAN 1 YEAR! And the Nokia hardware looks swell. Next year will very interesting indeed.

      Well the thing is arse ugly and it has been hyped to death. Ugly products don't sell in a mass market, it might sell to people who only look at spec sheets but for people who don't want to look like twats well, they are going to buy an iphone simply because it's aesthetic as fuck.

      Yeah, I read that line and thought WTF! Has the idiot writing it not seen an Arc Mouse, Arc Keyboard, Arc Touch Mouse, Zune HD, WP7 or Win8? Microsoft are kicking some serious goals lately and that comment just tells you the so-called journalist writing it has no credibility whatsoever.

      Agreed, Gizmodo AU is great.

      I agree - in less than one year MS has (with Mango) brought their fledgling mobile OS up to par with its contemporaries. Samsung, LG and HTC have already made WP7.5-related announcements or releases - Nokia is the final piece in the Mango puzzle.

      My contract is up in a few months. Just enough time for final impressions and availability of Mango handsets to hit. Can't wait!

        Well, if my impressions count, Mango is a lot better than I had expected, as someone who has been using WP7 since March. The attention to detail and depth of improvements is very impressive. I can't imagine anyone comparing a Mango phone to either Android or iOS 5 and not choosing Mango. I can understand people who are used to iOS being a little hesitant but anyone looking at each objectively would have to find WP7.5 clearly superior. And don't start about apps, there are more than 30,000 in the Marketplace so unless you have 40,000 installed on your current phone, you don't have a valid argument and you'll be fine. In fact, you might even find that you don't need nearly as many apps as you use now, because the phones come with a lot of good stuff built in, like Office and Bing Maps.

          +1! Office on phone is great, but i must say bing maps isn't great :P The games on WP7 rock too :D

    How is it any uglier than every other smartphone? They all look pretty much the same to me, although the N9 actually looks much better than most so Nokia can pull it out when they want to. From this one 3D mock-up, it is not a photo, it is impossible to get much idea about the phone itself. It is certainly stupid to try and draw any conclusions about the materials used i it's construction, as the author of the piece has attempted to do.

    So no matter where the gizmodo from, they are nokia basher.

    Is this not very similar (if not identical) to the n9? A design which was praised as "fantastic-looking" in an earlier Gizmodo article.

    Mmm, I'll wait for the N827, it's sure to be a killer. Until they release the N827c of course...

    Seriously, Nokia, enough with the idiotic model numbers thing. You've got a great name there already, use it! Sea Ray, now that's a phone I'd at least look at in a shop, Nxxx I wouldn't want to think about.

    I don't mind how it looks... at least it has some colour.

      yeah, i think it looks alright

    Very much looking forward to a phone that is not black or white.

    I think the phone looks fine. I don't understand why people think it looks ugly. The black version looks quite good. Just because it's not an iPhone doesn't mean it's ugly. The Samsung Galaxy s2 is ugly and that's selling by the bucket loads!

    you know what would be epic? If they managed to make an exterior that could change colour to match your metro ui theme, preferably not with tacky cases, but through some optical pigment thing. Not practical with current tech, but one day maybe :)

    hi guys.well ill be honest im an idiot wehn it comes to phones /pads need help..voda have offered me a phone any phone really..well barr an iphone???.
    .so im a nokia man and guess i always will all this chat has my head cracking,,mango ?wp7? etc etc,,im as i say a tech what do i go for.. ?my needs ..well ive realised my netbook is so far behind and that phones can do what they do get pad like a samsung galaxy or go with a phone to the crunch.what do want to use it for?
    .well yes sometimes actually talking like phones use to of course texing.occ use of ovi sat nav et. and as for net well for example booking a train checking emails.fb etc etc..usually on a daily basis(prob more with wifi than paying for it,also for using skype
    i guess in terms of the emialing etc a bigger screen be maybe a pad that i can talk tex and use basic internet ..or should i set my sights on a phone..adn if i could learn maybe i should start to download too..see im all confused now...
    ps good long battery too.

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