Moog Crams An Incredible Analogue Synth Into An App

Everyone recognises the haunting space sounds of Moog synthesisers even if they don't know it. It's as pervasive on Sci-Fi soundtracks as on classic pop records. Now Moog has packed that legendary sound into the seriously fun Animoog iPad app.

The Moog's new Animoog app jams all of its analogue cousin's wizardry into an iPad synth that's as intuitive and satisfying to play as the original. The layout is configured much how you'd imagine it — the piano keys are laid out along the bottom on the iPad's screen. Two of the synth's modules — a delay module for example — are visible at any given time. You can adjust settings like speed and frequency. There's also a big X-Y display on the screen which shows you a jittery, graphical representation of what your sound wave is doing. Sliding the wave form around on this pad modulates the sound. There's other screens that allow you to adjust keyboard's configuration and key settings, as well as a screen for which allows you to add some more advanced modulations and processing to the sound. Basically, there's enough in here to get completely lost in a swirling mess of sound within minutes. The UI is really smart and everything in the app slides, expands and contracts exactly how you expect it to. Settings are savable in case you find some awesome sound, and you can even record your opus once you've got it down.

As you might imagine, playing keyboard on a touchscreen isn't the same as playing the real thing. Luckily, the app supports an external MIDI keyboard. Once you get going, you end up doing a lot of jumping around from screen to screen because, obviously, you can't cram all of the modules and controls onto one display. Resetting all of the modules should be easier.

The Animoog's sound is all taken directly from the waveforms of Moog analogue keyboards so it sounds pretty awesome. But what's really exciting about the app, is that it inspires a creative process as a real-life Moog. You don't study these instruments, you explore them. The Animoog's been given an amazingly low introductory $.99 price tag—in a month it jumps up to $US30. Go to the App Store and buy this before the price goes up. Go right now. [iTunes and Moog via Wired]



    I'm looking forward to a day when you can buy cool things like this for a PC or slate other than those designed by Apple in California.

      The whole point of the iPad is the apps. What is stopping you from buy an iPad other than being a contrarian?

      Tell that to Microsoft and Google, Cleverclogs.

      Apple made a successful platform. Nothing wrong with that.

    No, my point is there are still more PCs than handheld devices. Thus, it would be nice to have some 'cool stuff' for PCs.

      ok. I'm an app developer (I'm not really - but let's just pretend..) I want to make an app that will sell and therefore pay me an income which I deserve for all of my hard work. Do I choose Windows (pirate-ville) or Apple? Even though there are more PC's, I will still make more money selling an app via Apple.

    Imagine if game developers were all making games for playstation and not much else. Games industry would be a sad place. Fortunately that isn't the case. PC games are still cutting edge and massively popular. Piracy hasn't killed it. Other tablets will emerge soon with better specs, better price, and good markets and developer incentives. Has to happen. Just don't rely on Google to deliver - they are still a search company primarily, fumbling about with mobile operating systems. Other players need to step up.

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