Mini Monkey Lights Turn Bike Wheels Into Spinning 8-Bit Art

Front and rear lights are essential for night rides (unless you enjoy getting hit by cars) but they do very little to warn cross-traffic of your presence. The Mini Monkey Light not only makes you more visible, it's likely stop traffic outright.

The Mini Monkey light employs 10 super-bright, full-colour LEDs that attach to the spokes, displaying one of 15 programmed themes as the wheel spins — anything from fireballs and skulls to hearts and space invaders. The light's power source mounts on the hub and draws enough juice from three AA batteries to run for up to 40 hours. The light fits any wheel up to 20 inches, is completely waterproof, and includes a steel security strap to keep happy-fingered thieves from making off with it.

The Mini Monkey Kickstarter proposal has already been approved and will fund at the end of October. The first sets of lights are expected to be delivered within three months of that time. A $US50 donation will net you one light. [Kickstarter via The Awesomer]

These are some of the potential patterns. Contributors will be invited to vote on the 15 designs for inclusion:



    In my head this works, but could you creat these from energy off the wheels motion? Like how some watches use your haves movement to charge the battery? Like the watch it charges by turning in a cirlce when you arm swings, and the amount of circular movements from the wheel of a bike is huge.

    Sorry thats the best I can explain it

    Sorry I meant couldn't you power them off the movement of the wheels instead of aa batteries?

      You probably could, but that's a whole other level of technical engineering, not something basic and pretty like this.

      Solar and a battery pack would work better.
      The kinetic watch mechanisms use a counterweight which spins a mini rotor creating the charge, it's the change of (your arms) direction as you move that makes the counterwieght spin.
      It'd be hard to do this on a wheel as the centrifugal force created by the wheel spinning would just push the counterweight straight outward so it wouldn't spin the rotor and create charge until you slowed right down or stopped. I think.

    Small mistake in the article I think. I believe it's wheels "20 inches and up", not "up to 20 inches". There is lower limit to the diameter not an upper limit. If it were limited to 20 inches and lower it would rule out most adult bikes.

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