Aussies Get Kinect Voice Control And Zune Pass

Microsoft’s launched voice control for Kinect today, along with the Australian release of the Zune Music Pass subscription service.

Zune Music pass will launch as a subscription service on November 16 at $11.99 per month or $119.90 annually, with the option to run the service on Xbox Live, Windows PCs and Windows Phone 7 smartphones. The release notes that around 11 million tracks will be available. I’m at the launch event right now and will update with my impressions once the event actually starts.

On the talking side, we’ve known about voice control for a while now. A long while. In fact, an incredibly long while, but at long last, today… we’ve got a timeline. According to the official release, Voice Control for games will work from tomorrow, but if you want to talk to your Xbox to control broader entertainment functions, you’ll have to wait until mid-December.