McIntosh Teaches Its 50-Year-Old Tube Amp New Tricks

Audiophiles love tube amps because of the warm, full sound they provide. But the vacuum tubes wear out, and generally requires a specialised, increasingly-rare breed of technician to diagnose which ones are bad. High-end audio manufacturer McIntosh say their redesigned MC275 tube amp remedies part of that problem.

No, McIntosh hasn't gone and designed an everlasting vacuum tube. But it has built an indicator into each tube which will alert you to which specific tubes have gone bad. This saves you time and money tracking down a niche repair shop. Also, if you haven't noticed, this thing is also slick looking.

This is the 50th anniversary edition of the MC275, a product built to endure decades of use. Able to push 75 wats into 4,8 or 16 ohms, the latest edition of the MC275 has a frequency response of 10Hz-70,000Hz with a tolerance of +/- 0.5db between the 20Hz-20,000Hz range. And if you're looking to go all out with your sound system, the amp can be yours in December for $US6500.


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