Man Searched By Apple Investigators Considering Lawsuit

Sergio Calderón, the man whose house was tossed by Apple investigators he thought to be San Francisco Police, has hired a lawyer and it may be a' suin' time now.

As previously reported, Calderón has retained council — which happened, oh, right around the same time he stopped talking to the press. I assumed this was to protect his rights in any criminal investigation. But CNET is now reporting that Calderón's attorney, David Monroe, is considering taking legal action against Apple.

As previously reported, The San Francisco Police Department first denied, and then admitted to participating in a search of the Calderón family home.

However, SFPD officers weren't the ones who actually conducted the search. That was done by Apple investigators along for the ride. Both Sergio Calderón and another family member present during the search have claimed they believed all of the people who arrived at their home were police officers.

But now CNET reports that the Calderóns have lawyered up. The family is considering a lawsuit and is currently focused on Apple, not the city of San Francisco (which, in fairness, has considerably less money then Apple). However, Monroe claims he mostly wants answers — including wanting to know how Apple knew Calderón's first name before arriving at the home.

Incidentally, Monroe apparently only received his licence to practice in California on August 23. Apple's attorney's have slightly more experience. [CNET]

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