Make The NY Times Website Easier To Read With Ochs

I love the New York Times. I read it as often as I can. And I have no beef with their website layout but sometimes, there's just too much going on. I just want the news! Ochs, a plug-in for Chrome, does just that.

Ochs is a free Chrome extension and it tries to do "less with more" for the Grey Lady. It adds more white space to the homepage and removes a lot of the unnecessary clutter. It looks a lot like a tablet app, actually. Cleaner and less chaotic.

Ochs also throws in sweet features like single page articles (THANK GOD), Typekit usage and more. You'll notice the biggest difference on the front page and in the articles themselves, though Michael Donohoe, the developer, will keep working on Ochs to make it even better. Basically, if you read the Times, download Ochs. [Chrome Web Store]

The NYTimes home page without Ochs.

An article with Ochs installed.

Same article without Ochs installed.

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