Logitech's New Mouse Lasts 3 Years On One Charge

It may not be the best-performing mouse if you're looking to frag all night, but the Logitech M525 does have one big thing going for it: longevity. Pop in two AA batteries, and you're set for years.

Like any battery claim, you can't take it as concrete -- it'll be more than three years if you don't use it much, less than three years if you're above whatever Logitech considers average. But the bottom line is, you won't have to think about changing the batteries. Maybe ever. And for a wireless device, that's a rarity. Optical tracking plus 2.4GHz wireless connectivity for $US40 ain't bad either. [Logitech via Maximum PC]


    Optical tracking! Wow! No more cleaning that mouse ball! :--P

    <3 Logitech gear. One thing I'd really like though, is a mouse with a more powerful RF transciever. I want to use my mouse from pretty much anywhere in the room!

      wifi mouse maybe?

      Yeah, optical tracking...where have you been living for the last 5 years?

    I've been using the M705 at work for a little while. It also claims a 3year battery life. Along with it's keyboard. Love the mouse. It's incredibly responsive for a wireless mouse.

    Only annoying aspect, is I hide the received in the USB in the back of my monitor, and I forget to take it with me when I go to another office.

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