Liquid Chalk: Spider-Man Grip Minus The Teenage Superhero Angst

You don't have to be hanging from the side of a mountain, or battling evildoers on the rooftops of Manhattan, to appreciate a little extra grip. The future of your NBA career, or just avoiding the blooper reels, could hinge on catching a vital pass during the playoffs.

Mission's Athletecare line includes a unique liquid chalk product called Power Grip, designed for your hands, and Court Grip, designed for the bottom of a basketball player's shoes. Both are made from all natural ingredients and don't feel sticky when applied. But keep your hands and soles free of sweat and dust that can cause embarassing, or possibly career-ending, slip-ups. It looks like a far easier alternative to glove, tape, rosin bags or bites from a radioactive spider. And is available now for $US10 for your hands, and $US15 for your joggers.

[Mission Athletecare via Uncrate]

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