Let A Playboy Playmate Call You Ugly Via iPhone

Are you in the mood to have your face judged by a somewhat-busted Playboy playmate? Would you like to do so without having to find and approach her? Perfect! The Rating Game lets you do just that. This sounds fun!

Hope Dworaczyk, who according to a cursory Google Image Search looked a lot better before she had to start shilling iPhone apps, is the face behind The Rating Game. It's simple — use your iPhone's camera to snap your mug, let Hope "judge it" (random number generator), and then you get "a composite photo of you, Hope and the rating that can be instantly shared on Facebook, Twitter or by email." Sweet. The Rating Game also, of course, includes lots of photos of Hope prancing around in skimpy outfits, to offset the fact that you've resorted to a piece of software to affirm (or destroy) your ego.

Oh Hope. How did you go from Playmate of the Year to this? You're probably sitting in a Reno hotel, staring out at the desert, thinking about how you wanted to be an astronaut. Constantly refreshing The Rating Game's iTunes reviews. You can still be an astronaut, Hope. I give you a 10.


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