Lady Liberty's Badarse Freedom Cams Are Live

We were excited to hear that the Statue of Liberty had been outfitted with some rad webcams in honour of her 125th birthday. Well Big Mother's eyes in the sky just went live and holy hell are they cool.

Five different views of the Statue of Liberty, New York Harbour and of course the wonderful tourists, are now available on the Ellis Island website. The setup includes two wide-angle interactive cams, two live streaming cams, as well as an interactive panorama of the entire harbor. The interactive cams on her crown and torch allow you zoom and pan across the scene. As for the real-time cams, one is a shot from the torch across New York Harbour towards Lower Manhattan, the other is a shot of Lady Liberty from Brooklyn. The panorama is a scrollable, wider-angle perspective of the view from the torch at the harbour.

You really gotta go check this out for yourself though. This is has to be the coolest retrofit of any monument ever. For her 150th, Lady Liberty should get lasers shooting out of her eyes.


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