Know Skateboarding Will Teach You To Kick-Flip Like A Pro

I spent most of my time when learning to skateboard primarily on my face, not understanding the first thing about proper technique. Know Skateboarding Street Fundamentals provides everything a beginner skater needs to know to bust tricks like Tony Hawk.

The Know Skateboarding Street Fundamentals is a collaboration Element Skateboards and Know Projects and designed to — what else — teach you the basics of trick skating, from Ollies to grinds and flip tricks. Pro skaters from Team Element including Mark Appleyard, Levi Brown, Chad Tim Tim and Darrell Stanton walk you through each step of the trick, explaining the less intuitive aspects of skating like properly body positioning as you approach an obstacle HD video and slo-mo playback option let you thoroughly analyse how a trick flows. The app also features Natural Stance™ visual instruction which tailors its instruction depending on your stance — exceptionally helpful for the goofy-footed like yours truly.

"Know Skateboarding Street Fundamentals" is available on iTunes for $5.49.

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