Kindle Fire Pre-Sales May Stomp iPad Sales

A supposed leaked document from Amazon shows Kindle Fire pre-sales are about to surpass those of the iPad, which would instantly make it the fastest-selling tablet of all time. Oooh, burn!

An informant for the Cult of Android who reportedly works for Amazon managed to grab a screencap of Amazon's inventory system called Alaska (Availability Lookup and SKU Aggregator). The number of pre-sales was at 254,074. That would mean since the day pre-orders started, they have had 50,000 pre-orders every day, or 2000 per hour. By comparison, the iPad sold 300,000 units on its first day including pre-orders. No Android-based tablet has come even close on pre-orders.

With the Kindle Fire not shipping until November 15, if pre-orders continue at their current rate, it will be the fastest-selling tablet of all time, by a long shot. [Cult of Android via BGR]

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