Ken Jennings Wants To Occupy Jeopardy

Once he was the insurmountable apogee of Jeopardy excellence. Then IBM devised a machine that defeated him. Today Ken Jennings posted a photo blasting IBM. The dethroned champ is casting his lot with the OWS crowd in protest of Watson.

Ken Jennings is pissed. Understandably so! IBM poured millions into building Watson — a machine! — to beat him.

Most of the time Ken Jennings isn't the 99 per cent. He's preternaturally good at quiz shows and he's a genius, and despite the claims of his photo, he's probably rich. But Jennings is the 99 per cent when it comes to IBM's uncanny supercomputer—he loses to Watson just like everyone else. [Ken Jennings via Clive Thompson]

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