Küat Racks Bike Lock Camouflages Itself As A Water Bottle

In the ongoing battle between bike thieves and victims, those hoping to return and find their rides exactly where they left them have a new weapon.

Well, it's less of a weapon, and more like your run-of-the-mill cable lock that's disguised to look like a water bottle attached to your bike's frame. As far as security goes, its 1.5m long, 7.5mm braided steel cable doesn't really give you an advantage over other cable locks. Instead, it seems more concerned with aesthetics, allowing the cable to be stored out of sight, inside something you ride with anyways.

The bottom of the $US34 faux bottle is also removable, providing a lockable compartment suitable for stashing keys, loose change, and whatever else you can cram into a receptacle that small. However, the one thing it can't hold is water. So if you were hoping to use the lock as some clever ruse to fool would-be thieves, they'll probably be tipped off by the second bottle you now have to carry. [Küat Racks Bottle Lock]

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