Join A Mac Timeshare In The Clouds

You want a Mac — or at least try one out — but you don't want your friends to think you've become one of those Apple-owning hipsters you're always making fun of. A cloud-based Mac rental service lets you use a Mac without losing your Windows cred.

The Macincloud service rents remote access to a Mac environment aimed at developers. Users log into their cloud-based Mac on their Windows computer or iOS device. The Mac comes with the developer tools pre-installed so you can start creating the next big app that isn't based on Angry Birds.

The weird thing is that you don't get the Mac 24/7. You pay for the system time dedicated to you. Macincloud says that the system is similar to a timeshare and we all know how awesome timeshares are. Fortunately there's a free trial so can give the service a whirl before you start hiding your screen every time your Windows friends approach you. [Macincloud]

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