iPod Touch Is Back In White (And Cheaper!)

For those of you with a fetish for Apple's white meat, good news! The rumoured white iPod Touch is now very real. And hey — now it runs iOS 5 and iCloud.

The iOS 5-ified iPod touch, in either black or white, will run $439 for 64GB, $329 for 32GB, and $219 for 8GB. That's nearly $100 knocked off the smallest mode — not bad. Nothing much else to see here, beyond the new hue and iOS 5 juice.

Image: gdgt

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    A5 CPU?

    when is it being released

    Great, that means that the already meager amount of Apple stock will be cut in half because "it's the wrong colour." Like Apple? Try selling the crap.

    Was hoping to see an A5 in this.

    Also thought going for something like 4" on their screens , compared to some of the other phones out there the screen on the iPhone is starting to get dwarfed.

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