iPhone 5, iPhone 4S Details And Prices Leaked?

iPhone 5, iPhone 4S Details And Prices Leaked?

With apparently only a few days to go until Apple’s announcement of its next iPhone(s), it’s getting harder for Cupertino to plug the leaks… or just stop overly-enthusiastic carriers from unintentionally posting details.

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The first bit of info comes from 9to5 Mac, who spotted the “iPhone 4S” name in the most recent beta of iTunes. The name comes with what looks like confirmation of CDMA and GSM versions of the device, or even a dual-mode model.

Our second hint is courtesy of TUAW, who received screencaps that suggest regional US carrier Cincinnati Bell prematurely uploaded details of a 32GB iPhone 5 and 16GB iPhone 4S to its prepaid website. The prices for these models were US$639 and US$99 respectively, but it’s hard to make a call on these as they might have been contract prices or just placeholders.

No doubt we’ll see harder details as October 4 draws closer. Still, that only leaves two days at most for another carrier to slip up…

iPhone 4S with iPhone 4 design, dual-mode capability leaked by iTunes [9to5 Mac]
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