iPhone 4S: Siri Australian Accent Test [Video]

Has Apple stuck anything sneaky and new into the iPhone 4S box? Does Siri really understand an Australian accent? With our hands on a sparkling new iPhone 4S, it was time to get some answers for these questions.

First of all came time to unpack the iPhone 4S. Sure, unboxings are a bit of an Internet cliché, but they're also a tradition, and who am I to mess with tradition?

And then it was time to test Siri, Apple's "magic" voice control technology.

Note: This is a light-hearted look at our first out of the box tests. There's lots more coming from Giz on the Siri front — most importantly a deep-dive into the Siri features Apple has baked into iOS 5.

This needs more testing, but for now, we'll let you draw your own conclusions.

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    Q: What's the best smart phone?
    A: The one you are holding.


    I hope to god there is a GLaDOS mod somehow. It certainly has the arrogance


      I would actually use 'siri' (GLaDOS) if it had that feature!

    Shame you didn't actually demo some of the actual features of siri. In particular, I'd be interested in how it copes with the accent over long sentences. Mine is eta Tuesday apparently *sigh* i want new shiny.

    wish we are not getting too excited and prepare what sort of questions we are going to ask to test it more precisely and thoroughly

      in fact probably like, "what is the best iphone 4gs deal today" "where is the cheapest petrol nearby" that would be awesome!

    What an aggressive unboxing. You are so unimpressed.

    Man, I'd like to do this, but my phone is in Hong Kong. D:

      ditto. i almost track it every single hour to see where it is now.

      My tracking said my phone was in Hong Kong, then it arrived yesterday, Sunday. Good job TNT!!! Very happy, once Siri has full functionality, but the little hidden treasures in iOS 5 is what i'm more happy about. Custom text tones, custom vibrations, iCloud. I don't care the phone design hasn't changed. Now if we can have custom icons/themes, jail breaking will be a non issue with me.

    Ha Ha... whats the meaning of life... GOLD!

      While this video is funny, id like to see it used in an Aussie accent for the boring stuff too. Like "send a msg to... move an appointment etc etc..."

    Arthropod bagels???

      That was my fav.

        Mine was the escort/baby shop one

    Not able to find places in AUS? Seems like MS isnt the only company who was rejecting our aussie market...

    In saying that Scout has recently started adding alot of aussie business's which is good news for WP7 :)

      My WP7 picks up places fairly well, though when i asked it "where is the pub" it interpreted it as "why is the pub". WP&, the most existential of the smart phone operating systems.

    If you like funny things that Siri says, feel free to read
    I had a good laugh at the “I just killed someone”

      "Can you sing?" - Siri sings "Daisy", which was the first song sung by a computer using synthesised speech. Which is why HAL sings it in 2001 as well...

    what about asking it some terminator question like; where is Sarah Conner?

    Played with a demo unit at JB Hifi today. Couldn't get any of the business/location searches to work - not even 'where am I?'. It just comes back with "I can only find locations and business in the United States" or something like that.

    Didn't try it but presumably a 'navigate to' request would work as that depends on Google Maps rather than the apparently US-only Yelp.

      ..ok, hadn't watched the video yet when I wrote that.

        commenting before watching? Seriously?

    Arthr0pod Bagels?

    meaning to life "eat less fat"

    just want to point out that fat doesn't make you fat. just excessive calorie intake.

    Apple should have programmed Siri to do this:

    User: "Tell me a joke"

    Siri: "Microsoft"


    I wonder if it will do the following:

    You: is my girlfriend.
    4S: is your girlfriend.

    5 mins later

    You: I am horny.
    4S: Calling .

    First impressions with Siri:
    It works brilliantly. There's a few hiccups here and there. But overall very very good. Bear in mind that I speak a mixture of American, Australian and Scandinavian accent. It still seems to be understanding me (nearly) perfectly :p

    Q: What’s the best smart phone?
    A: The one you are holding.

    ... Wonder if it will still say that in 12 months when the next iphone comes out!

    ask Siri what it thinks of samsung?

    Q: What do you think of Samsung?
    Siri: I really couldn't say.

    How good is the colloquial database?

    Could it answer "Blimey, what kind of flamin drongo bloody well rang me at 2 in the morning?"

    I've just started playing with it now that I've gotten home. Telling it to send a message to people is pretty fun.

    It does screw up every now and then, but it's fairly spot-on.

    I've tried:

    - "Play me The Cooper Temple Clause" [band]
    -- Played The Cooper Temple Clause songs on random

    - "Play me 'So Much To Lose'" [song]
    -- played the song

    - "Pause the music"
    -- Paused the music

    - "What will the weather be like tonight?" [and variations, including "What's the weather gonna be tonight?"]
    -- At first I had to say where I was because I hadn't granted Siri access to use location stuff, but after granting, it got it pretty sweet.

    - "Do I have any new emails?"
    -- "You have 25 new emails" *displays a list of unread emails*

    - "Pause the music"
    -- Pauses the music

    - "Play the music again please"
    -- Searches my music for a song called "the music again please" and apologies for not being to find it

    - "Start the music"
    -- Plays all songs [seemingly on random]. Though, to be honest, it mis-heard me at first and thought I said "Stop the music" then said "There's nothing playing..."

    - "Skip ahead 10 songs"
    -- Skips

    - "Skip ahead 50 songs"
    -- Skips

    - "Next"
    -- Skips.

    I've also done a lot of sending messages to people cause it's just fun. Though, now that I try something longer, it looks like it needs to learn some punctuation.

    It's making me speak clearer too, which is good cause I'm a pretty slack talker.

      Wouldn't you have to dictate punctuation to it? That's what most people do when talking to a dicta-phone for someone else to type up.

        Yeah, I tried that after and it worked, though imperfectly. "dot dot dot" turned into "...", but then my "dot" at the end said "dot".

        I've used it a couple of times now to send a message to a friend while I'm putting my shoes on before leaving the house. It's kinda handy for stuff like that. But I doubt I'll use it when other people are around. I had to repeat "How did you go?" four times before it got it right.

        Yes. You do have to dictate punctuation.

        just say "full stop" whenever you want a full stop. that seems to work perfectly

    It's Google's fault.

    After watching this, Vlingo is more of a practical app.

    Think Siri may be disabled by default because it's technically still beta.

      But why would they disable by default? Without it, the IP4S launch is basically better camera, negligably faster performance and better reception. Hardly the most fantastic features to show off your new flagship device.

        Don't forget double the storage.

        That's a big seller for many.

        I won't be getting one as I'm still on a iP4 contract for another 11 months or so, but my only gripe about the iP4 was that it didn't add extra storage like previous models did.

        If I'm going to make my phone my only camera, video camera, sat-nav, portable gamer, (add whatever... Guitar tuner and Auslan Dictionary come to mind) AS WELL as my iPod - then 32GB just doesn't cut it.

        I'd love to shoot video on my phone without having to edit down my music collection due to storage limitations.

          "AS WELL as my iPod"

          should read "AS WELL as being my only iPod/PMP"

    Seriously getting tired of seen apple this apple that all over gizmodo, Can you guys alteast condense it down to 1 or 2 (mega) posts, seriously.

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