All Gizmodo’s iPhone 4S Guides, Tips And Experiences

All Gizmodo’s iPhone 4S Guides, Tips And Experiences

From Siri Australian accent tests, to guides of the best features in iOS 5 — there’s been heaps of iPhone 4S coverage on Gizmodo of late. So here you go: We’ve put the best of it all in one place for easy reference, and plan to ease back a little in the iPhone overload. After all, there’s plenty of innovation happening with Android and WP7, too.

Important note: This article originally housed the iPhone 4S review from Gizmodo US. It wasn’t great and temporarily got past our wicket keeper. Sorry about that.

See below for Alex’s Australian impressions.

Local Hands-On Impressions

iPhone 4S: Gizmodo Australia’s First Impressions

Is Apple’s iPhone 4S the next coming of the smartphone, or just another smartphone model? More »

Video: Siri Aussie Accent Tests + Features Walkthrough

OK, I had my fun with Siri last week testing the limits of its Australian accent recognition. Time to get down to more serious work — what can you actually use Siri for? More »

Speed Tests

Australian iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4 Data Test

One of the iPhone 4S’ hype points is that its dual antenna HSDPA compatible setup allows it for faster data speeds than the older iPhone 4. How much faster is that on Australian networks? I hit the streets to find out. More »


iPhone 4S Test Notes: App Speed

It’s faster. Screens slide smoother, apps launch quicker and stuff just works better. But that shouldn’t really come as a surprise-we’ve seen the difference between an A4 and an A5 processor before. More »


iPhone 4S Test Notes: No More Death Grip

Apple improved the antenna design in the iPhone 4S in an attempt to kill the notorious Death Grip problem in the old iPhone 4. Did it work? Yes. OH YES. More »

Samsung Galaxy S II vs iPhone 4S: Fight To The Death!

You asked for it, so I’ve done it. The iPhone 4S vs the Samsung Galaxy S II. Which phone reigns supreme? More »


iPhone 4S Test Notes: Browser Benchmarks (Versus the Fastest Android Phones)

The iPhone 4S is faster than the iPhone 4. How much faster? And how much faster than its non-Apple kin? We did some benchmark bench pressing to find out. More »

Your Complete iPhone 4S Guide

iOS 5 and iCloud are both out now, but that’s only the beginning of all the ground Apple just covered. The deluge is more about extending Apple’s platform as a whole, not just with a specific app or upgrade, and updates and new features abounded.

The Giz Guide To Updating To iOS 5

iOS 5 is finally here of your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Now what? With the flurry of features and updates being dropped today and yesterday the whole thing can be a confusing mess. Here’s the best way to get up to speed and enjoy apple’s latest iOS.More »


iOS 5: The Top 10 New Features

The new iOS 5 goes live soon, bringing with it revamped notifications and more than 200 new features for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. These are the top 10, and then some more.More »


iCloud Is a Bigger Deal Than You Think: It’s the Future of Computing

Remember life before cellphones? It’s hard, because they are so ubiquitous and essential. iCloud marks a similar turning point, a transition from an old way of doing things. More »


All the Apps Updated for iOS 5

iOS 5 is here and most apps are slowly updating to include iCloud support, Newsstand, Twitter integration and more to iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches all around the world. More »


How to Use Find My Friends So Everyone Will Love You

Find My Friends, Apple’s your-friends-are-now-live-dots-on-a-map social network, is here! Do you like the idea of seeing the location of everyone you care about, constantly? More »


How to Use iMessage So Everyone Will Love You

The sole remaining reason to use a BlackBerry is BBM-and now, the iPhone’s got its own version. It’s better than texting, but it comes with some potentially terrifying social vortexes to navigate. More »


It’s the iPod You Need, Not the One You Deserve: The White iPod Touch Is Here

If you’ve been chomping at the bit to get your grubby mitts all over the new white version of the iPod Touch, they’re now available for purchase, or just poking, at Apple Retail Stores.More »


Another Bonus iOS 5 App: Airport Utility

Controlling your wireless network no longer requires a computer. Apple’s dropped another app surprise this morning: an iOS Airport Utility. Change your passwords, reset your routers, update firmware-all in your hand. More »


I Just Made a Stupid Card with Apple’s Stupid Card App and It Wasn’t That Stupid

We can’t believe Apple bothered to develop a Cards app for the iPhone but hey, there are old people who still love to send and receive cards and young people who’ve forgotten what cards even are and they both use the iPhone. More »