iiNet's BoB Squad Heads East

iiNet's paid technical support gurus will expand out of the company's Perth home from next month.

ITNews reports on the move by iiNet, which has offered the BoB squad service in Perth for the last year. The concept behind the BoB Squad (yes, that is what it's really called) is one part portable Genius bar, one part in-home technician for hire.

Customers of iiNet can book the BoB squad via iiNet's help desk to assist in troubleshooting internet issues or set up any network device to connect to their iiNet broadband connection at a cost of $99 for the first hour and $45 for each hour thereafter. The story states that iiNet will expand the service to Melbourne and Sydney customers from next month. Given that means they'll hit the Christmas season, those are going to be some truly busy technicians, so it may be wise to book early. The cost of vehicle leases is cited in the story as a reason why iiNet doesn't make money out of the BoB squad; it's primarily there to improve customer relationships. [ITNews] Image: iiNet

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