Harvey Norman Unhappy At Galaxy Tab 10.1 Ban

The Age quotes Harvey Norman representatives as being unhappy about the Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction. Not so much on technology grounds — moreso because there's money out there that it's not making and importers are. The article notes that despite Apple winning a Federal Court injunction against sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, business has been brisk amongst any number of grey market importers (although clearly not Kogan any more), and as such, that places bricks and mortar retailers such as Harvey Norman at a distinct disadvantage. Ben McIntosh, Harvey Norman's general manager for computers is quoted as saying that

Obviously I am very disappointed if it is true that there are overseas retailers able to get around the injunction, because that's no good for the integrity of the case. I would hope that both Samsung and Apple's legal teams were to address any breach of the injunction. It's not fair if the Australian retailers are the only ones that are suffering - it highlights the bigger issue at hand which is that overseas retailers aren't playing by the same rules as the locals."

[The Age]

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